First Lithuanian cinema organization, Lithuanian Amateur Filmmakers Union, was established in Kaunas on the 2nd of May, 1931. It was founded by the film operator Stepas Uzdonas, who became the first chairman of this organization.

Since 1958 Union has operated as a division of USSR Filmmakers Union. In 1963 union was lead by the Organizational Office (chairman – Juozas Baltusis ), since 1963 – Administration. The first chairman were: Jonas Gricius (1963–1968), Raimondas Vabalas (1968–1964). Chairman of the Administration: Jonas Gricius (1681–1988), Skirmantas Valiulis (1988–1991).

After the independence, in the 29th of May, 1990 The Overall meeting of members of the Union announced, that public organization was established – independent and free
Lithuanian Filmmakers Union, which unites professional filmmakers of all fields. On the 2nd of July, 1992 it was registered as professional-creative union. Supreme Institution – the Overall meeting of members, which happens every four years. In between of the meetings, Chairman and the Council of representatives leads the activities of the union.

On 20th of May, 2005 Union got the juridical status of association and right now the registering of artist status is taking place. Thus it is hard to say the exact number of members of the Union, since the registering of Artist status is taking place.

Since 2017 Arūnas Matelis has been the chairman of the Union. Organization unites nine divisions, which have their own representatives.


Implementing the creative programs
Financing creative activities of members of the Union and their participation in international film festivals, organizing premieres and film reviews, initiation, financing and support of publications on film art.

Protecting the rights of members of the Union
Protection of creative, social, copyright and other rights of members of the Union. Representing members of the Union in various public institutions.

Cinema policy
Our tasks are: formation and integration of cinema policy into the overall Lithuanian culture policy context, making public the relevant problems of filmmakers society, analysis and search for possible solutions, initiation of laws, coherent with cinema.

Spread of the cinema
Information about Lithuanian film creators and films are distributed by e-mail and through the internet site. Making contacts with filmmakers, organizers of international film festivals, distributors and audience, and cultivating them are one of the organization’s priorities.

International membership
Lithuanian Filmmakers Union is a member of Confederation of Filmmakers Unions, European Council of Artists and Federation of European Film Directors (FERA).