Lithuanian Cinematographers' Union Supports Ukraine!

  • 2022 03 01

Dear members of the film and television community in Lithuania and around the world,


For over 70 years, Europe and the rest of the world haven’t faced such an enormous challenge. Russia's war against the Ukrainian state and its population is destroying the fates and lives of thousands of peaceful people, endangering the security of Europe and the world as a whole, and aggressively threatening crimes against humanity on a daily basis.


We, members of the Lithuanian Cinematographers' Union, strongly condemn the actions of the Russian leadership in Ukraine and call on the film community in Lithuania and worldwide to show solidarity and support for the Ukrainian state and its people.


We support the call of the Ukrainian Film Academy to stop Russia from benefiting from cultural activities and support the boycott of international Russian cinema and the Russian film industry.


To members of the film and television community, we propose the following:


-        Express your position condemning Russia's war in Ukraine by all possible means (social networks, internet portals, television, newspapers, etc.).

-        We invite all Lithuanian film and television organizations, film producers, film distributors, and screeners to refuse to screen Russian films at film festivals, forums, cinema repertoires, television, and VOD platforms.

-        We urge producers and members of the film community to terminate any business agreements with Russian companies. And please, do it today, don’t wait for tomorrow!


We hope and believe that truth and reason will prevail.


Glory to Ukraine!


Русский военный корабль, иди нахуй!